About our company

Janusz SzymuraREKORD SI was founded in 1989 by Janusz Szymura. It has become a nationwide company offering state-of-the-art IT solutions for public administration units as well as manufacturing companies for more than 30 years of its existence on the Polish software market.

REKORD SI is a recognized producer of two proprietary software packages: RATUSZ and REKORD.ERP.

RATUSZ is one of the leading systems on the Polish software market that comprehensively supports functioning of public administration units.

Effective city management is possible thanks to the support of areas related to the local taxes and fees, budget accounting, human resources, record keeping, document management, electronic public services as well as control and analysis of task implementation.

Janusz Szymura

Particular system modules of the package are dedicated to the local government units with a wide consideration of their organizational units, which translates into better quality and efficiency of implemented processes as well as economy and standardization of basic activities.

Construction of the integrated IT system supporting management in public administration is possible thanks to the use of the LIDER Internet analytical system and its integration with external recording systems and communication platforms such as ePUAP.

REKORD.ERP is an integrated ERP system to support management, which is fully adapted to the needs and expectations of Polish companies.

It supports all major business areas providing reliable information to make the right decisions.

REKORD.ERP improves communication and simplifies its own procedures by integrating information from all company departments into one coherent and efficient work environment. This all leads to time savings and increased company competitiveness.

The company provides a full range of services i.e. consulting, equipment delivery, internet solutions, software integration, customizing IT systems to the needs of customers, implementation care, training services, and after-sales service.

The services of REKORD SI are used by over 300 public administration units and more than 200 enterprises throughout the country.

Rekord SI

The Rekord SI Research and Development Center was opened on 6th October 2017. It supports innovative IT solutions and cooperation between business companies, the local government and science. The building is equipped with dedicated offices for developers, a modern data center room and a conference auditorium.

The Rekord SI is constantly looking for new as well as innovative methods of work organization. The best example of this approach in our company is the practical implementation of the AGILE methodology, which is consistent with the AGILE manifesto.

The company supports universities in the region. Employees run classes for students who have the opportunity to undergo apprenticeship / internship, and in the future they can be employed by the company. Joint projects are carried out with The University of Bielsko-Biała, The WSB Academy, The School of Finance and Law, as well as The Jagiellonian University, The University of Zielona Góra, The University of Applied Science in Wałcz and The University of Žilina in Slovakia.

REKORD SI is the owner of The Beskidy Sports Association REKORD (BTS REKORD).

The company supports development of physical culture and sports by financing sports and training activities for 350 young athletes.

At the moment the club has its senior teams in the 3rd Silesian Football League and in Futsal Ekstraklasa.

Also, for the last several years the club has had a women's football section which plays at levels II and III of the Silesian Group League.

Since 2010 BTS REKORD has been running The School of Sports Championship, which is a non-public institution where young pupils of the club learn and train.

An investment related to the construction of a new school building along with its sports facilities was completed in 2012.

The founder of the school is the CEO of REKORD SI, Janusz Szymura.

A modern sports and training centre is located next to the sports complex which, together with the hotel and catering facilities, is an ideal place to organize professional presentations and seminars.